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Don't let your phone interrupt you when it should be quiet. That's rude! With Polite, your phone will always be in silent mode (or vibrate mode) at the right times. You can pick specific times in your weekly schedule to automatically enter silent mode. You can also silence your phone during calendar events saved in your calendar app. You can even use a keyword such as "meeting" so that Polite will silence your phone whenever you have a calendar event with "meeting" in the title (e.g. "Meeting with manager"). It's time to teach your phone some manners!


  • Create rules to automatically switch to vibrate mode or silent mode
  • Schedule Rules will silence your phone at a specific time in your weekly schedule
  • Calendar Rules will silence your phone during calendar events
  • Match all events in your calendar or match specific events based on keywords in the event title or description
  • Tiny and efficient
  • Simple Material Design
  • No ads, no nonsense

About the Donate Version

The free version might be all you need but the donate version is required to create multiple rules.


You can help make Polite better! If you have any feedback, please email me at

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